New generation tourism

Visitmoov is a mobility optimization solution. It allows the territory to plan, monitor in real time and orient tourism-related flows according to pre-defined constraints such as the rate of use of public transport or tourist sites. This solution consists of a supervision platform which displays real-time flows on a dynamic cartographic background as well as key statistics: visitor profiles, duration of visit, type of transport used, route..., as well as a mobile application intended for the visitor.
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Real-time traffic heatmap

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Customized visit from the widget Visitmoov can be integrated on your site

For the visitor,
a quality experience

For a unique visit, adapted to your interests and your desires, Visitmoov allows you to compose an interactive tour taking into account the tourist places (museums, shopping ...), the events, the time you have available as well as your budget. . Integrating means of transport, this personalized visit is automatically calculated and updated in real time in order to adapt to your progress. So no risk of arriving late for your train or plane, Visitmoov accompanies you, you just have to let yourself be guided and enjoy your visit.
What to visit? Where to eat ? Or sleep ? With family, friends or on a business trip, create your personalized travel guide for a trip that suits you.

  • - visit updated in real time according to your progress

  • - spend less time in transport: thanks to its powerful multimodal route planner, Visitmoov always offers you the most suitable route, taking into account the mobility offer in real time

  • - take into account the weather to stay dry

  • - booking your hotel, restaurant or event directly from the app

  • - collaborative composition to prepare a visit with several

  • - integration of soft means of transport (bicycle and public transport)

For the territory
optimize flows

Whether for security reasons (COVID), saturation of transport, site preservation or for the purpose of promoting alternative discovery offers (eco-responsible, soft mobility, family ... .), Visitmoov automatically optimizes discovery circuits according to constraints defined by the territory: maximum number of people on a site, preferred mode of transport, etc. The organizer of the tourist offer can thus weight the value of each of these parameters so that the discovery offer is self-regulating, while meeting the expectations of visitors. If the territory wants to promote eco-responsible tourism, it suffices to give "greater weight" to soft mobility and places of environmental awareness, and vice versa for a place to be avoided (such as for an event). Thanks to the Visitmoov application, it is possible to know in real time the location (and profile) of visitors and thus dynamically change this setting to music in order to respect the criteria set by the territory.


Simple and powerful constitution of the database

Museums, restaurants, tourist sites, restaurants...: thanks to its various connectors, Visitmoov allows you to retrieve Opentdata data but also from the TripAdvisor bawe. You can then simply add, delete, merge and update the information to get your POI list.

Bet on multimodality

Visitmoov can connect to existing mobility calculators or can run on its own Multimodal route calculator which is fed with transport data in open data. Its powerful multimodal computation algorithms under constraints developed in part internally allow the calculation and the optimization of tour according to predefined constraints (list of places corresponding to the criteria for example) and variables (attendance rate, accessibility to the offer transport...).

App, web and widget

Visitmoov comes in the form of a mobile application that can be personalized in the colors of your territory, but also in the form of a widget that can be integrated into existing web pages.

Push notifications

"Thank you for preserving our environment" Visitmoov has a message generator in "push" mode allowing messages to be displayed to visitors according to their location.

"Discovery Pass"

Visitmoov allows the creation of promotional offers which strengthen the incentive to use certain types of transport or to visit certain places and thus better guide the flow of visitors.

Supervision dashboard

Where do visitors go, where do they come from, what are their profiles, how long do they spend on site, what means of transport do they use? The dashboard allows you to answer these questions and many others simply and in real time.

Application areas

Rediscover your city

Do you really know your city?
Visitmoov guides you according to your mood and your desires to rediscover your daily environment as well as events close to you.

Extend your business trip

Are you traveling for work and want to see something other than the walls of an office? Called "bleisure" (business / leisure), this trend, which is more and more popular with professional travelers, allows you to grant business travel and discovery.

What are we doing this weekend?

Desires but no ideas? Visitmoov offers you, through different formats, discovery ideas: the top 10 activities, your city in 3 hours, thematic discovery... You just have to follow the guide