360° inventory and inspection solution

GrfMap360° is a 'tailor-made' StreetView (Google™) cartographic navigation solution. This solution allows you to simply take 360° field images as well as geolocated HD views and then publish them on the webSIG GrfMap interface. You have, from a unified interface, a vision of your cartographic data as well as a field vision of the areas/tracks/installations covered.


High definition 360 ° views


360° views / HD views

Whether for inventories, training, promotions or preparation of interventions. The 360° and HD views allow you to project yourself into the field in a few moments.

Intuitive navigation

Simple and customizable, the navigation allows, from a web interface, to make the discovery of the site accessible to all members of the team as well as to customers and partners.

Simple and affordable

Not requiring any specific training, the GrfMap360 solution can be deployed quickly with commissioning and maintenance costs adapted to your needs.

With your GIS data

Take advantage of all the online publishing functionalities of your GIS information with GrfMap and bring your data to life with real field visualization.

Application areas

Factories, classified installations, sensitive sites

Inventories, evacuation plan, crisis management

Irrigation canals, fences, pipelines

Inventories, work planning, intervention monitoring, communication

Roads and highways

Inventories, work planning, intervention monitoring, communication