Founded in 2001, ICIA Technologies (SAS) is a computer engineering company specialized in the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In particular, it develops a set of software and software originally designed by Mr. Fouad KHODJA its chairman

ICIA Technologies engineers are graduates from Pont et Chassées and Mines de Paris and the University of the Mediterranean.

The activity of ICIA Technologies focuses on two areas:

  • The development of software packages and mapping software for the major operators in the planning, transport and industry components.
  • The development of software components and business applications for the engineering and IT services companies operating in the same areas.

To maintain its technological lead, the company is engaged in a continuing process of technical improvement, driven by the high level of skills of its associates. Geomatics and artificial intelligence technology watch are enforced through the cooperating teachers in the Faculty of Sciences of Luminy Marseille.

ICIA Technologies had the status of young innovative company, awarded by the Ministry of Industry, and is supported by the VERA / OSEO.

Infrastructure software and mapping software components for Geographic Information Systems

The ICIA GIS Technologies developed into bricks of modular software.
These developments are made in C, C ++, ASP, PHP, Python.

ICIA parcticularities of its GIS Technologies:

  • Advanced features with a more than compettitive price / performance ratio.
  • Very intuitive ergonomics that promotes rapid and optimum exploitation.
  • Compatibility with its main competitors to enable the sharing and exchange of data (trade agreements) between the different territorial governments.
  • Flexibility to expand functionalities with its to modular approach
  • Components open to any desired changes (GPS, Web publishing, route planning, etc.).

Software development and business applications of GIS components are around

  • Visualization mapping tools for Internet / Intranet (vector or raster)
  • Innovation in this area allows opportunities including working on GIS via the web, similar to a client in a corporate network (processing speed, dynamic queries)
  • Development workshop of multiplatform software for tha main market GIS applications (this activity is innovative in allowing compatibility of GIS competitors file formats)
  • Multimodal itinerary search module (walking, bus, car, etc.) under constraints (restrictions of traffic, etc.)
  • Tours management module based on combinatorial calculations in complex constraints algorithms (supported by the ANVAR)
  • Optimization of heterogeneous computing loads of packages in containers module 
  • GPS module, fully interfaced with the GIS for mapping and geolocation building.
  • Software kits for geomatics development