The underlying GIS

GrfOptWay GrfMap is built on a proprietary geographic information system GrfMap and is able to read and view maps of most of mapping publishers on the market (ESRI, ING, Navtech ect ...)

Regarding the route optimization, ICIA Technologies chose to partner with Navtech for the quality of road geographic information supplied by the card provider.

GrfMap is included as standard in GrfOptWay. GrfMap reads and displays Navtech geographic data  and GrfOptWay uses this data to calculate the optimum route.

With GrfOpWay, so the user has a complete geographical information with all standard GIS system treatments : search for a location, zoom, display and modification of layers, viewing and editing of all fields regarding channels. The user can modify in real-time information on routes, speeds, blocking or temporary bans depending on the information it has.