Optitour, your new companion to create tours/visit of a region and/or city ... and more.

Optitour your guide to find, organize and share your tours/visits of a region and/or city

Optitour is a free service that allows you to create tours with ease. Depending on your criteria it will offer places, hotels, exhibitions and many other possibilities Once your project validated you can integrate it into the mobile application and let yourself be guided.
Opitour fits to your needs and requirements.

You would like to have a week with your family or you have 2 hours available to explore a city you do not know ?
Optitour will handle your request and offer you an optimized tours.Optitour will adapt to your needs.


You Want to explore the cultural assets of a place or simply go shopping to find a gift
Then start Magic Tour stating your expectation (shopping, culture, discovery, ...). Optitour gives you the ease of booking online.


You made your choice of places to visit
hen Make your Hotel reservations, ticketing or restaurant directly from Optitour.Lodging, shows and events will be reserved and fully integrated into your program.
Optitour allows you to share your plans with friends.


Going on holiday
Build your tour with Optitour by letting you guided or selecting museums, exhibitions and hotels. Save your project and share it with friends or loved ones. They can comment on it, update it, book it wwith you and joigning you on the tour.


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