Passenger transport under OpenCarto

This application echo the principles of organization and client GUI management GUI  to OpenCarto and work areas with features like: layer control, consulting tools, input tools, routing, geocoding, specific modules.


The layer control is displayed in the upper left. It manages the display features, out updated data. Actions on a layer are available by right-clicking:

  • Layer display in the card / full zoom
  • Opacity of the layer
  • Displaying Data
  • Representation and control colors / shapes of objects (thematic analysis)
  • Label management
  • Search by criteria within the layer

The standard query tools are arranged immediately below in tabs:

  • Store / go to a preset position (Zoom)
  • Remember a work environment (layers, filters, data)
  • Calculate a route free
  • Perform a query in the database
  • Calculate isochronous / isodistances
  • View and set the current thematic legend
  • Search / geocode / manage an address or a public place

The data table in the lower part shows the data related to the layer or its selection (application, graphical selection ...)

  • Tris / filter data by columns, graphics filters
  • Zoom / focus, control selection / deselect
  • Data output attribute of an object
  • Export attribute data / mapping / picture (dialog): XLS-CSV, MapInfo, shape, pdf, jpg formats.
  • Tools for map control in upper left, above the map (zoom, hand, measure distance, graphic selection, printing ...)


The administration tools at the top right, control the editing, and updating data on a selected layer

Related tools for displaying and editing data in a Pegasus right (fixed or floating) for:

  • Mapping a PA, an institution from Pegasus
  • Controller display lines and selected routes
  • Edit / calculate a route from Pegasus

The specific modules are displayed by clicking on the (eg distance students, transporters, ...) dedicated buttons as needed in a dedicated window.

OpenCarto can be personalized by including a charter (LOGO, picture, graphic, homepage) and adapted according to the following options:

  • An adjustable headband is above the working area and / or below the application. The content is to be defined by the customer. It is possible to place clickable buttons in the band (Web, shortcut cards ...)
  • The login information (user / logout) appear in the top bar
  • Management styles: the colors of windows, controls, logo, fonts are configurable by ICIA or interchangeable in Admin
  • Tooltips are configurable on some buttons or functions: To be defined by client and initiated ICIA (areas to be defined).
  • A mini-card status is available by clicking on the + button in the map window. It helps to locate and move quickly on the extent of the entire map. The mini-map is unavailable when the base Google map is on.
  • It is also possible to create a start page (MapIndex) that can be customized to the image of a "portal" listing the cards and / or themes available (Atlas type).