The maps

The graphical representation can quickly understand a situation. ICIA Technologies has worked particularly its rich functionality of its visualiteur card. You can, in a few clicks, produce representations of an equivalent quality to that shown below.

Histogram Pie Chart Coloration
histogramme camembert color
Histograms allow the representation of several parameters. Different bars are naturally proportional to the associated (The number of bars and their color is not limited) value.
The histogram may have a size proportional to the other map histograms.
L'histogramme peut avoir une taille proportionnel aux autres histogrammes de la carte.
Pie charts allow you to quickly visualize the evolution of a parameter against another. Share of the pie will therefore proportionate to other values ​​for the same area.
The pie can have a size proportional to other pie chart
The colorful cards can highlight gradients quickly. The colors and differences in color are customizable. Other information may be included in the map accessible to mouseover for example.
Proportional symbol Customizable Symbol and colorization
picto perso symbol
A library of symbols is included with the product. These symbols will be used to decorate the cards. The size may vary depending on the associated value. SwfSvgExport offers the possibity to integrate your own pictograms. They will inherit supplied defaults functionsfrom proposed pictograms . SwfSvgExport offers stack multiple representations on the same card. And a map can be colored it while adding a token which would correspond to an additional criterion.