To satisfy the constraints of its multi optimization software tour ICIA Technologies was required to develop and integrate a loading optimization module.

Using an extremely fast algorithm (between 3 and 30 seconds for 400 parcels within the constraints applied), this module has been designed as a software component and can be used independently to optimize the storage of 'little boxes' (packages) in a 'big box' (the container).


This component calculates the optimum placement of objects in a container and significantly reduces the cost of transportation by storing a greater number of objects in the same volume. GrfPack explores million of combinations possible for available packages and determines how its packages must be positioned to occupy less space. This component was developed in collaboration with the computer lab at the University of Marseille and has received the support of Anvar/OSEO.

This module can also be used to charge the better many package containers or more in calculating the minimum number of containers for loading a plurality of packages.

In standalone mode, the program works in 4 steps:

  • Create or import a list of packages (the dimensions and weight of each package must be specified).
  • Choosing the type and number of containers in which these packages are loaded and strategy selection filling (the user can choose the number of containers to use, or have the program calculate the number of containers needed to complete loading of packages ).
  • Launch of the calculation of the load.
  • View and export cargo plan calculated.