How it works

SwfSvgExport produced maps running in different ways depending on whether it is coupled with GrfMapViewer or GrfMapServer.

Static mode

When used with SwfSvgExport GrfMapViewer, the maps are static, like the ones you've seen in the Maps section.

The features offered by the navigation interface will be:

  • Zoom and move
  • Manage the visibility of layers
  • Show Legend
  • View views
  • Show information objects


Dynamic mode

If SwfSvgExport is used with the server, the browser interface of the card can communicate with him.

It will be possible to get cards dynamically by sending a request to the server. In addition to the basic features, the following features are available:

  • Display a thumbnail view of the map
  • Select which layers to display
  • View a location
  • Run requests on the server side (static and parametric)