1. Data Integration

    • Integration of raster or vector map layers
    • MapInfo (TAB, MIF), ArcView (SHP), AutoCAD (DWG, DXF), and GeoConcept Image (jpg, png, gif ...).
    • Integration of alphanumeric data Excel files, DBF, Access, ODBC.
  2. Mapping management

    gestion carto kl.jpg

    • Order management layers,
    • Management threshold zoom by layer
    • Managing virtual layers and visibility,
    • Zoom, pan, information on objects,
    • Positions manager
    • Creating mini fact sheets,
    • Automatic generation of labels for any type of layer,
    • Label generator for linear layers (intelligent and customizable street names available).
  3. Data Usage


    Consultation form and capture descriptive information associated with one or more previously selected objects.

    SQL storage of objects information. Import and update data from external data

  4. The Requester


    Allows queries with several conditions and levels of selection criteria on the fields associated with objects from the map. Queries are parameterized.

    Query Builder:

    • Of the information items,
    • Space.
  5. Thematics


    View Manager by layers selection

    • Themes, 
    • Virtual.

    Analyzed thematics classes of values ​​or individual values ​​are represented by pie charts, histograms, sea urchins and / or classification.

    Data analysis may include one or more fields and involves the generation of a thematic layer. This representation is dynamic: it is updated if the value of a field is changed.

    Thematic layers may contain conditions to facilitate customization.

  6. Internet Publication / Interactivity


    • RIP layers of base map (png, jpg, etc.),
    • Choice of coordinate precision,
    • Generating SVG, FLASH, HTML Interactive Mode or customized files
    • Hyperlinks management attached to objects,
    • Related objects management scripts,
    • Map navigation:
      • Zoom, pan,
      • Layer control,
      • Views and positions
      • Thumbnail of the map,
      • Dynamic display of thematic legends
      • Executing parameterized queries,
      • Layout and configuration of the user interface (WEB).
  7. Development Kit

    • ActiveX to integrate into your application. It allows you to add mapping capabilities. Fully support the viewing of a GrfMap card in your application.
    • Adding functionality to the Server and Viewer using plugins. Accessibility Kit for flash mode (for customizing the interaction of objects with the user)

GrfMap Modules


Navigation on different imported GIS formats Web generation of interactive maps pages

  • Visualization
  • Import
  • Web Generator Plugin


Map server with its WEB page generator. Multiple databases can be loaded simultaneously. Playing layers in different formats Siget publication on the internet.

  • Web Server
  • Flash
  • SVG
  • HTML & Images

Pro server

  • Connection with most GIS on the market (No import layers)

Package Builder (Linking files and maps)

Allows you to create and distribute interactive maps on various media related to data sources from different files (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, etc.)

Allows anyone wishing to make presentations and brochures with interactive maps to disseminate presentations without using paper. This app also lets you share the package generated electronically from other users, regardless of hardware and software platforms used by these package.

  • Card Creator
  • MapWizard