grfmap_visu2.gif With GrfMap, you have a friendly and innovative interactive mapping tool on the Internet. Easy to use and features a high-performance server mapping GrfMap will replace and / or complement advantageously solutions proposed by major GIS publishers, and this with an excellent / price ratio.

Simple, accessible and efficient solution, GrfMap allows you to build high quality mapping applications Internet / Intranet compatible with the most widely used GIS on the market :

  • It can take a dedicated server and works both in standalone mode and server mode,
  • It allows Internet publishing raster and / or vectors, layers, and more generally, it is able to publish maps on all media formats (SVG standard Internet standard for vector graphics), FLASH (standard more compact than the SVG, and currently the most used) or HTML
  • It can be connected to most database as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
  • It uses methods of representation compatible with standard rules of cartographic semiotics
  • It has a requestor with customizable search criteria and an intuitive interface for entering data.