Packages and Containers

Managing the list of packages

The packages maintenance form table to create, edit, delete packages from the list of packages.

This formulmaire is the main form of the application (it was the first who appears when you launch the application) To create your list of packages you can choose from:

  • manual entry:
    you enter your packages by specifying each feature
  • (size, weight, stackable, reversible)
  • import:
    you import your packages from a spreadsheet or text file

Choice of container and loading strategy:

This choice is made in the data entry form packages.
You have a drop-down list that allows you to select the container to load.

To fill the container you have the choice between:

  • Best fulfill one single container:
    the program calculates the loading plan to best fulfill one single container
  • Load all packages:
    the program calculates the actual number of containers required for the removal of all packages and calculates the loading of each of them.
  • N max filling containers option:
    You choose the number of container to fill and the program calculates the load plan to best fulfill these N containers.