Displaying tours

When packages are entered, you run the optimization calculation. The average time
Calculation for 10 vehicles / package 200 is between 3 and 30 seconds.


The program calculates and displays the number of minimum vehicle and each vehicle optimized tour for handling all deliveries. By minimum number of vehicles, it is understood that GrfOptWay selects from the list of available vehicles you have established the fewest vehicle for dealing with deliveries.

The calculated optimum tours meet the following requirements:

  • window of time customers
  • time window for drivers
  • load and volume capacity of vehicles
  • size and weight of the routes used by vehicles


You can view the tour vehicles together or separately, in arc mode or road design mode (as in the picture):


You can view the tour of each customer vehicle by client (client 1 to client 2,
Client 2 Client 3, etc ... per vehicle).

GrfOptWay including standard GrfMap, you have all the tools for cropping, zooming, visualization and localization of GrfMap to view and see the calculated routes.

When the calculation of tours is made, you edit a tour plan to give each driver. The map calculated tours can be sent and displayed in real time on a personal assistant.

If a change is made at the last minute from the list of packages, just add to amend or remove the packages involved and restart the calculation.